MAY 21, 2024

Unlocking potentials in Healthcare to foster innovations

Klub Cankarjevega doma, Ljubljana


The conference is being organized in collaboration with the Association of Economists in Healthcare.

About the conference

For the 13th year in a row, Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG (FarmaForum) organized a strategic conference Value of Innovation, where we sought answers to current questions and offered insight into innovations in the field of pharmacy and healthcare.

The conference will address strategies for efficient resource management in healthcare systems, enabling the reallocation of funds in favour of breakthrough innovations. The conference will serve as a guide for those striving to shape the future of healthcare through sustainable and innovative approaches.


The program will be published soon.


Bogi Eliasen

Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS)

Bogi Eliasen

Bogi Eliasen is Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS).

Dorjan Marušič

International consultant

Dorjan Marušič

Senior doctor Dorijan Marušič, PhD was the expert director of the Izola General Hospital, state secretary at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia,

Urh Grošelj

Pediatric Clinic Ljubljana

Urh Grošelj

Associate Professor Dr. Urh Grošelj, MD, MSc in Bioethics, graduated (2007) and received his doctorate (2012) from the Faculty of Medicine,

Karmen Janša

Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia

Karmen Janša

Since 2017, I have been working part-time at the General Hospital Jesenice as a specialist in internal medicine and head of the diabetes clinic,

Jurij Stariha

Chairman of the board of Farma Forum

Jurij Stariha

Jurij Stariha, MSc, joined Novo Nordisk Slovenia in 2016 as MA&PA manager for Slovenian region.

Barbara Stegel

Secretary General of Farma Forum

Barbara Stegel

Barbara Stegel, MSc, has several years of experience in management and marketing. At the beginning of her career, she collaborated with major Slovenian companies

About us

Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG (FarmaForum) is the representative of the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia. We bring together 21 innovative pharmaceutical companies with a common mission: #WeWontRest in developing innovative medicinal products, vaccines and therapies that play a key role in the management of diseases and improving the quality of life of patients around the world.

FarmaForum operates as a non-government, non-profit, non-political and independent economic interest group that acts as a trustworthy partner in the field of medicines, health, and healthcare in Slovenian society. We actively strive for better information and greater awareness of decision makers, patients, and the general public on these complex, yet extremely important issues for individuals and society as a whole.

Mission and vision

FarmaForum actively contributes to a sustainable and high-quality health system that provides patients with timely access to innovative therapeutic solutions. As the representative of the innovative pharmaceutical industry, FarmaForum is a recognized and reliable partner in society’s efforts towards finding the best solutions in healthcare.